The Site

Building A New Kind Of Housing Community

The Site


Bridge Farm is a 4.4 acre property on the edge of Stapleton in Bristol. It consists of an eighteenth-century six bedroom farmhouse, a number of barns and outbuildings, and gardens and open ground that was formerly used as pasture.

Situated on Bell Hill, next to the M32 motorway on one side and Glenfrome Primary School on the other, the farm is a beautiful left-over of the rural setting that the motorway cut through in the late 1960s.


The grassland to the north of the site is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. The site itself is a designated wildlife corridor and part of the Stapleton and Frome Valley Conservation Area.

Most of the site is currently a designated Important Open Space but Bristol City Council is reviewing its Local Plan and has called for expressions of interest for development sites. We have applied for the designation of Bridge Farm to be changed from Important Open Space to Community-led Housing, Mixed Use and Open Space.

There is existing planning permission for a new access road to be built onto the site. This will improve accessibility and parking for vehicles, a likely condition for future development.

Video by Heli-air Imaging

Click here for a plan of the site.